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We bet when you thought of all the reasons you might have to postpone your wedding day, a global pandemic was not one of them! Sadly this is the situation as it stands today. The new regulations in Australia mean that no more than 5 people can be present at a wedding. This includes any wedding vendors like the celebrant and photographer. These laws are in place till June 30th 2020 and may be extended if required. Before we go any further, just want to note that this information could change at any time, but at the time of writing, (2pm on Tuesday the 7th of April) it was correct.

So what does this now mean for your wedding? We have listed a few options for you below:

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1. Postpone, Don't Cancel

This might be the most obvious choice but for some people it might be all too much at the moment. However it doesn't have to be that difficult and the quicker you get onto it the quicker you can relax about it. You've already secured all your services so it is just a matter of contacting everyone to find a mutual date. Start with your Venue and ask them for available dates after October 2020. If you have guests coming from interstate or overseas then maybe allow more time just incase. To have extra flexibility consider choosing a midweek date. Once you have all their available dates, contact all your wedding suppliers and try to find a mutual date that suits the majority. If you are giving the vendors plenty of notice and open to a midweek date then you will increase your chances of them all being available. Once you have your new date locked in, contact all your guests and ask them to save the date. If your budget allows you can send out new invites a couple of months before the new date.

2. Elope

If you have a sentimental attachment to your wedding date and changing it is just not an option then you still have the choice to have an elopement with the 5 person rule making sure to practice safe distancing at all times. This can be done at a registry office or outdoors on a beach or a park as long as it complies with the 1.5 meter healthy distancing laws. Legally you are required to have a celebrant or priest to officiate the wedding and two witnesses over the age of 18. If you would like a photographer to photograph your ceremony then he or she will need to be one of your witnesses to stay within the 5 person rule. It is then your choice whether to hold another ceremony or just a reception party with all your family and friends at a later date. This option means you can still have your special date as your wedding anniversary and also gives you the option to celebrate the reception party date if you wish. Note that with this option you will need to make sure you are not putting others health at risk. If this is the option you choose make sure that your celebrant, witnesses or photographer are all comfortable with the arrangement.

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3. Cancel

Personally we feel that this should not be an option but understand that for extreme reasons this may be your only choice. Some things to consider if you are cancelling your wedding is that you will most likely lose any money already paid to wedding vendors.

The ACCC has announced that wedding suppliers are under no obligation to refund any moneys paid due to the wedding not going ahead. Some vendors may be in a position to refund some of your money minus fees for admin work already done, but keep in mind that most wedding vendors are small business owners who are doing it extremely tough right now. You will be causing them extra financial and emotional stress by demanding a refund. So please really consider if cancelling your wedding is the only option.

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We are feeling for couples and the wedding industry right now. We know how hard you’ve worked with your dream team of vendors to create the perfect day, and to postpone during these uncertain times must be heartbreaking. But rest assured this will all come to an end (hopefully sooner than later) and when your wedding day does eventually come around we are sure it will be extra special. Not just a celebration of your love, but also a celebration of new beginnings where we are once again allowed to be around all our loved ones.

For those of you who may need to find new suppliers due to date changes or just want to add a few extras now that you have more time to plan, then be sure to check out our awesome list of suppliers on our Vendor Directory.

Love and light and stay safe x


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