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The question of whether to invite children to your wedding can be a difficult decision. You want the parents to enjoy themselves and not be running around looking after young children, but at the same time you don't want to offend your guests by telling them that they cannot bring their children to the wedding.  The perfect solution to this is a child minding nanny service.  The nannies can look after and entertain the children in a safe environment either onsite or offsite, ensuring that both parents and children have a good time.   We have some excellent child minding nanny services here on the South Coast available for your wedding day.  


A wedding is such a special day to share with friends and family and often they include babies and young children. South Coast Nannies has 7 years of expertise in Wedding Services. With our experience and insight we can tailor a package to suit you and your guests and the individual family needs. We can assist with the children at the ceremony, entertain  the children during the reception and provide supervision whilst your guests enjoy the celebration. Parents will appreciate the time and consideration that you have taken towards the children and including them in the day and our services allow guests to relax and enjoy their night knowing their children are in our care.

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