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South Coast Wedding Photographers

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Tips For Choosing a Wedding Photographer

With so many photographers around, choosing a wedding photographer can be difficult but it certainly doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to choosing the best south coast wedding photographer for you.

1: Choose a style of photography that you like. It may be a candid photojournalistic style, or perhaps a more traditional style where the photographer poses you and uses external lights to create a magazine style look. Whatever style you choose make sure it will not be too dated in a few years time.

2: Once you have chosen your style start searching for photographers. You can ask for recommendations from recently married friends or search on the internet and web directories like ours.

3: Look through photographers websites, social media and online portfolios and make a short list of the ones who's work you love. Be sure to view real life weddings and not just pretty styled shoots. Photographing a wedding is much more challenging than shooting set up photos.

4: Contact the photographers to make sure that they are within your price range. Having said that, never choose a photographer simply on price. While keeping to budget is important, so is making sure you choose someone professional who will deliver excellent work. After the cake is eaten and the dress is put away, all you will have left is your photographs to look back on.

5: Once you have your short list, make appointments to meet the photographers. Whether it be in person, Skype or simply a phone call, it is nice to chat in person to make sure that you feel comfortable with the photographer. After all they are going to be with you pretty much the whole day. Our wedding fair is a great opportunity to meet and chat with the best photographers from our region.

6: Once you have chosen your photographer book them in to secure their services. Most good photographers get booked out early so best to get in quick.

Some people having a destination wedding on the South Coast of NSW think it may be easier to hire a photographer from their home town. However there are many benefits to hiring a professional south coast wedding photographer.

1: The locals know all the best secret locations for photography and have probably photographed at your venue before.

2: They can help recommend other local services.

3: No travel and accommodation fees will need to be paid.

4: Most photographers now provide online galleries so no need to travel back to choose album photos and prints etc.

We have many excellent wedding photographers here on the South Coast. You can view them here.

Images by our talented South Coast Wedding Photographers

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