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South Coast Wedding Stylists

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Do I Need a Wedding Stylist?

One of the questions that might arise during your wedding planning is whether or not you will need to use a wedding and event stylists. So firstly lets start by what a wedding stylist does....

1.Meet with you to chat through your ideas for how you want your wedding to look and feel

2. Work with you to create a personal style for your big day – from the ceremony and lighting to the furniture and beyond

3. Hire out styling items from their own inventory of goods

4. Source specific items for you on request

5. Be there on the day to set up your styling

6. Be there after the day to pack-down your styling

.....and a lot of stylists will do a lot more like recommend you other local wedding service suppliers, help you with all aspects of planning your wedding, and even advise you on the best ceremony locations and reception venues to fit your theme and budget.

So do you think you will need a wedding stylist? If you wish to have a stress free wedding then our answer is, absolutely! Your wedding day should be a relaxed stress free happy occasion. You don't need to be up all night the night before the wedding worrying about whether you have done everything on your long to do list and you certainly don't want to be spending your first day as husband and wife cleaning and packing up. You may think you are super creative and even have lots of time to make special DIY items for your wedding and that is fine, but if you do not have people to help you set up and pack away, trust us when we say this, it will become stressful.

If you are having a destination wedding here on the South Coast of NSW then we certainly recommend one of our many talented wedding stylists to help you. It can be daunting planning a wedding when you are not local to the area. Our local south coast wedding stylist are very knowledgeable about all things weddings on the south coast and no matter what your budget is they can tailor something to suit you. Whether you need just a little bit of help or the whole shabang, they are here to help you.

Check out the best wedding stylist we have here on the south coast in our wedding directory HERE.

You can view some of their work below. Best wishes for your wedding day.

Love the team from South Coast Wedding Fair xoxo

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